10 key blazers to look neat as soon as you put them on

Believe it or not, a good blazer can make you look neat from minute one, so they can’t be missing from your closet.

A good blazer is a key piece for any fashion lover, and it seems that they are never enough, but the truth is that you should bet on certain designs and cuts, because yes, blazers make you look neat as soon as you put them on, right? or you had not noticed? For this reason, here we tell you which ones are a must and which ones are worth investing in because literally, they will make you look good anywhere and anytime.


Today’s are the mixed pieces that are made with different patterns or textures, perhaps it is a very trendy garment, but if you are one of those girls who like to impose fashion it will be a success in your closet and that you will always wear. To achieve balance, choose a jacket or blazer with one plain part and the other printed, you can also play with the fabrics, so let yourself go and choose your favorite that anything goes.


Yes or yes, you must have one, but now you need one with much more proposal so that when you put it on, you not only look neat , but also like a fashion expert, and believe us that a blazer like this always works for you. You could start with one with large and oversized lapels, this way you can wear it with a belt to define your silhouette or completely loose, either way it will look amazing.


The plaid blazer is so versatile that you can use it both to look casual and neat in a minute , or in a more formal outfit with matching pants. Both options look incredible, in order not to add volume to the upper part of your body, we recommend that it be straight and crossed, in this way, if you close it, your silhouette will look completely defined.


If in addition to looking dressed up with anything, you want to make a statement as the most trendy girl in the place, a blazer with oversized sleeves will be your best ally. Look for our shades so you can wear it with any outfit , don’t forget to adjust with a belt to create balance.


It is a must to look formal but chic at the same time. A blazer with this cut helps you define your waist since it just ends here. For this cold season, wear it with a turtle sweater, it can be in the same color palette or in a completely different one to create contrast.


To give your looks a twist, look for bright colors and not the classic black with blue white. You can find fun sack options in vibrant hues like pink. This blazer goes well with jeans and a basic t-shirt even to go to a meeting with matching pants and impact heels.


Today’s thing is to break the rules and the mix & match came to make our days easier and of course, with more style. We love this blazer because it’s super original: it’s made of corduroy that takes us back completely to winter, but so floral that you could wear it in spring (if it’s not so hot)… You can use it as an accessory for a total look in black or wearing it to the extreme with matching pants. More is more!


Another blazer that screams sophistication is the one made with silk, thanks to the fluidity of the fabric, you will look effortlessly cool , and if it is also in an original color, you will win wherever you see it. To look even better, use contrasting accessories and complement your look in an innovative way, how about an orange hat? Take a risk, the result is incredible.


This blazer is a win win and looks good with EVERYTHING, even your jogger pants, so invest in one. Try to make it completely black, that is, that it does not have buttons in another color such as gold or silver, so that it is even easier for you to combine it. It is ideal to get a sporty outfit but without looking flashy, since the blazer will give structure to the whole outfit.


Colored blazers are always a good option, since they just add a fun touch to your style (and they will help you to always look put together and put together ). You can choose them in pastel, neon, or metallic tones, they will always be a good option. It is ideal when you have a date where you want to look dressed up but without exaggerating or to go to the movies with your friends… We could tell you that you can go in cute pajamas + a bright blazer and you will succeed, we are so sure of its power. Try it!