Aitch contributed $10,000 to the Down Syndrome Association

Aitch gave £10,000 to a charity for people with Down syndrome.

The Manchester rapper, whose younger sister, Gracie, was born with the genetic disorder, released the song “My G” in August. He used a portion of the budget for the music video to raise money for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

The song kind of speaks for itself, he told Capital.When we received the budget, I simply reasoned that there was no need to spend so much money. Fortunately, I met people from the Down’s Syndrome Association who graciously agreed to let us use their facility, so we simply decided to proceed in that manner.

Since the pop superstar is his sibling’s favorite musician, Ed Sheeran appears on the heartfelt song.

Earlier, Aitch stated: “Ed appreciated the piece I sent him. I first met Ed after I appeared as a guest on the song he remixed, “Take Me Back to London.” Although she hasn’t heard the song yet, he is my sister’s favorite artist.

There will be feelings involved.”The song “My G,” an emotive dedication to his roots and city, is included on Aitch’s debut studio album, “Close To Home.”

He said: “This one means a lot.“The past 4 years have been crazy thank you to everyone that’s been involved I can’t appreciate you enough, whether you been here from the start or not I got nothing but love.

“A lot of different emotions went into this I can’t wait to share it with u lot! Came this far without dropping an album and that’s all because of you, thank you for being patient with me […] let’s see how far this one takes us.”