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Billie Eilish rocks an X-rated illusion t-shirt and brown spandex shorts to the gym in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, California, on Friday morning, Billie Eilish attracted attention as she entered the gym while wearing an X-rated shirt with a picture of bare breasts on it.

The Bad Guy hitmaker, 21, attracted attention as she put on a leggy display in a pair of dark brown spandex shorts and a risqué tee while wearing white sneakers.

The seven-time Grammy winner exercised while sporting a low ponytail of her brunette hair under a black baseball cap.

Double take: Billie Eilish grabbed attention on her way into the gym while rocking a X-rated shirt, featuring a photo of bare breasts on it, in Los Angeles, California on Friday morning

She carried a blue Stanley Cup tumbler along with the rest of her necessities in a backpack to stay hydrated.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 last year, the performer said she has prioritized fitness in her life since recovering from an ankle injury.

‘I’ve been completely changing the way that my life is involving fitness — I’m a gym rat now,’ she raved. 

Quirky tee: As she put on a leggy display in a pair of dark brown spandex shorts, the Bad Guy hitmaker, 21, turned heads in her risqué tee, which she paired with white sneakers
Turning heads: For her workout, the seven-time Grammy winner wore her brunette locks pulled back in low ponytail under a black baseball cap
Social media: Eilish posted a photo of herself wearing a red beanie to social media

She continued, ‘When did that happen? I don’t know but it did and it started with ‘I can’t get injured anymore.’ I’m not gonna let myself live like that because I lived like that for years.’ 

Time in the gym has made her ‘feel so much better as a person’ and improved how she ‘can move on stage.’ 

‘I feel so much better,’ she gushed after previously battling body image issues during her teen years. 

Gym rat: She carried a blue Stanley Cup tumbler, to keep her hydrated, as well as the rest of her essentials in a backpack
Blurry shot: She shared a blurry photo to her Instagram as well

Eilish admitted that she struggled with body confidence and “hated herself” as she tried to accept her appearance in an interview with Vogue.

When the party’s over crooner opened up about her struggles, she said that she had to go through a process of learning to love herself, beginning with accepting her physical appearance.

Billie said: ‘Going through my teenage years of hating myself and all that stupid s**t. A lot of it came from my anger towards my body, and how mad I was at how much pain it’s caused me, and what I’ve lost because of things that happened to it… 

Gym rat: Last year, the performer revealed she has made fitness a priority in her life during an an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 after recovering from an ankle injury

‘I felt like my body was gaslighting me for years. I had to go through a process of being like, my body is actually me. And it’s not out to get me.’ 

In 2021, the singer admitted she still wasn’t pleased with her appearance, telling The Guardian: ‘I see people online, looking like I’ve never looked. And immediately I am like, “oh my God, how do they look like that?”

‘I know the ins and outs of this industry, and what people actually use in photos, and I actually know what looks real can be fake.

‘Yet I still see it and go, oh God, that makes me feel really bad. And I mean, I’m very confident in who I am, and I’m very happy with my life.… I’m obviously not happy with my body but who is?’