H&M Justin Bieber

H&M removed all Justin Bieber merchandise. After the singer didn’t approve products, 

H&M has taken down all of the merchandise after Justin Bieber openly blasted a new line that featured his picture and stated that he didn’t approve of it.

According to Forbes, the Swedish clothing firm claimed that while producing the line, it “followed proper permission procedures,” but has since decided to stop selling the items “out of respect for the cooperation and Justin Bieber.” The action was taken shortly after Justin Bieber claimed that he had not approved the merchandise before its distribution, which included a sweatshirt and a dress with his face and lyrics inscribed on them. On the H&M website, there are presently no items related to Justin Bieber.

In a now-deleted Instagram Story, he stated, “I didn’t approve any of the merchandise collection that they put up at H&M. “All without asking or approving from me. If I were you, SMH, I wouldn’t buy it. He was more antagonistic toward H&M in a later post. “The H&M merch they made of me is trash and I didn’t approve it,” he wrote.

Currently, Bieber runs the streetwear company Drew and sells his own bright merchandise on his website.

It was reported on Wednesday that Biebz could soon receive a sizable payday. One of the largest music rights acquisitions in Hipgnosis Capital’s history is reportedly being facilitated by the Canadian pop star. The agreement would pay a total of $200 million for his entire discography, which consists of six albums and several one-off singles.