Alfie Sheard beautifully covered the classic song ‘Stand by Me’

At only 15 years old, rising star Alfie Sheard was invited to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres show after accumulating tens of millions of views on his busking videos.

During the show, he was given a signed guitar from one of his idols, Ed Sheeran! Since then, Alfie has opened 24 UK Arenas, performed at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, toured with James Blunt and more

Alfie Sheard beautifully covered the classic song ‘Stand by Me’, with an acoustic performance that gained him almost 5 million views.

Alfie Sheard has since not only gone onto cover popular songs such as ‘Fast Car’, which showcase how his musical skills have further progressed since he sang ‘Stand By Me’ but also release his own music with tracks like ‘Never Mine To Lose’.

‘Never Mine To Lose’ tells the story of how when Alfie was 18, he fell head over heels in love with a girl called Alice. A dreamy, blonde, musician who was everything he could askfor in a girlfriend (and more).

Afraid of coming across too sensitive, he buried his emotions and never told her how he felt. After weeks of ‘playing it cool’, he found out she decided to give things another go with her ex.

Alfie Sheard wrote Never Mine To Lose after the heartbreaking realisation that the pain of losing someone still exists, even if they were never yours in the first place.