Julien Ando beautifully covers ‘Zombie’

Julien Ando is a multi-talented violinist, composer, producer and arranger.

He blends classical and electric violin with popular music, to create songs with the violin at its centerpiece.

This is showcased in his beautiful cover of ‘Zombie’, which received 1.6 million views on Music Crowns.

Julien Ando’s arrangement starts off both breathtaking and haunting in equal measure but then the talented violinist gives the classic Cranberries song more of a contemporary feel as he blends together both classic and modern instruments.

Julien has also worked his looping magic to give us a spectacular cover of the popular White Stripes song ‘Seven Nation Army’ which leaves us truly mesmerized and captivated thanks to the beautiful sound of his violin.

In addition to playing the violin Julien can also play the keyboard, which he uses when putting together his amazing loops.